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[http://www.kamrock.ca KamrocK KM-2 Carputer], also known as Kamrock.ca Carputer, Kamrock KM-2, Kamrock Car Computer and Kamrock GPS Tracking system.
Designed by Kamrock Limited Canada, KM-2 is the first public Carputer avaliable for sale. Currently (2008) mostly used in Canada and United States, KM-2 is making its entry to International market very quickly.
Hobbyists have always experienced problems with their carputers, but usually endup with non-working unreliable system. KM-2 makes carputer hobbyists jobs easy by providing them with trouble free carputer system which does not require any work, though it can be used to perform toughest tasks, because of it's processing capabilities.
An Intel Core 2 duo processor, combined with 500 Gb of Hard drive, makes KamrocK KM-2 the world's first most powerful Carputer avalible to public for purchase.
Features like [[Satellite image GPS]], Quick add voice commands to any function possible, [[OBD 2]], built-in [[satellite radio]], built-in WiMAX internet card, SIP Phone and a [http://www.kamrock.ca/features.htm features list ]that blow an average person's mind.
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