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copy from template:wikify/sandbox. See talk page.
imported>Remember the dot
छो (simplified subst parameter for aesthetics and compatibility with the syntax highlighter gadget)
(copy from template:wikify/sandbox. See talk page.)
<includeonly><div><span style="color:#aa0000;">'''ERROR''':</span> {{tl|Wikify}}<span style="color:#aa0000;"> is a disambiguation entry; please do not transclude it. Instead, use a more specific template, such as</span> {{tl|underlinked}}, {{tl|dead end}}, {{tl|cleanup-link rot}}<span style="color:#aa0000;">, or</span> {{tl|sections}}<span style="color:#aa0000;">.</span></div></includeonly><noinclude>
<noinclude>{{Deprecated template}}
The '''wikify''' tag is deprecated; please use a more specific cleanup template, such as:
{{notice|Please use more specific tags such as {{t|Dead end}}, {{t|underlinked}}, {{t|Infobox requested}}, {{t|Cleanup-HTML}}, {{t|Lead missing}}, {{t|Lead rewrite}}, {{t|Lead too short}}, {{t|Inadequate lead}}, {{t|Sections}}, {{t|Cleanup-link rot}}, {{t|Citation style}} and {{t|Lead too long}}.}}
*{{tl|dead end}}
| name = Wikify
| subst = <includeonly>{{subst:substcheck}}</includeonly>
*{{tl|cleanup-link rot}}
| type = style
*{{tl|format footnotes}}
| class = ambox-Wikify
*{{tl|citation style}}
| image = [[File:Ambox wikify.svg|50x40px|link=|alt=]]
| issue = This {{{1|article}}} '''may need to be [[Wikipedia:Glossary#Wikify|wikified]] to meet Wikipedia's [[Wikipedia:Manual of Style|quality standards]]'''.
*{{tl|lead missing}}
| fix = Please [{{fullurl:{{FULLPAGENAME}}|action=edit}} help] by adding [[Wikipedia:Linking|''relevant'' internal links]], or by improving the article's [[Wikipedia:Layout|layout]].
*{{tl|lead too short}}
| date = {{{date|}}}
*{{tl|lead too long}}
| info = {{Wikify/tutorial|reason={{{reason|}}}}}
*{{tl|inadequate lead}}
| cat = Articles that need to be wikified
*{{tl|lead rewrite}}
| all = All articles that need to be wikified
*{{tl|infobox requested}}
| cat2 = Articles covered by WikiProject Wikify
| all2 = All articles covered by WikiProject Wikify
A full list of cleanup templates can be found at [[WP:Template messages/Cleanup]].
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