"टेम्पलेट:Expand section" की अवतरण में अंतर

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(Changing to use the now deployed ambox "small=left" feature, instead of hardcoded small styles. Adding logging of when the explanation parameter is used, so we can study those cases.)
}}<includeonly>{{DMCA|Articles to be expanded|since|{{{date|}}}|All articles to be expanded}}
}}{{main other
| {{#if:{{{date|}}}
| [[Category:Articles to be expanded since {{{date}}}]]
| [[Category:Articles to be expanded]]
}}[[Category:All articles to be expanded]]
| <!-- Don't categorise when not in main (article) space. -->
Detect and report any usage of the "catanyway" parameter.
Also detects empty but defined "catanyway=" feeding:
| [[Category:Wikipedia expand-section box with explanation text|{{main other|Main:}}{{FULLPAGENAME}}]]<!-- Sort on namespace -->
| <!-- No explanation parameter fed. -->