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remove un-needed diagnostic
(use cropped SVG to save whitespace)
(remove un-needed diagnostic)
| {{#if:{{{small|}}}|<br>|&nbsp;}} See the [[{{TALKPAGENAME}}#{{anchorencode:{{{talksection}}}}}|talk page]].
}}<includeonly>{{DMCA|Articles to be expanded|from|{{{date|}}}|All articles to be expanded}}</includeonly><!--{{Expand section}} end--><noinclude>
Detect and report any usage of the unnamed explanation parameter.
Those cases are not errors, but we want to study them:
| [[Category:Wikipedia expand-section box with explanation text|{{main other|Main:}}{{FULLPAGENAME}}]]<!-- Sort on namespace -->
| <!-- No explanation parameter fed. -->
}}</includeonly><!--{{Expand section}} end--><noinclude>
<!-- Add categories and interwikis to the /doc subpage, not here! -->