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| text = This is a list of '''famous''' or '''notable''' sports persons. Thewith no clear [[WP:V|verifiabilityinclusion]] ofor [[WP:V|exclusion criteria]], and as such sectionsshould not be treated as encylopedic. Please help to improve Wikipedia by ensuring that there is currentlyspecific disputedreason for the selected players. It would be useful to establish [[WP:CONSENSUS]] for such criteria on the talk page, pleaseusing seeguidance available at [[WP:NOTED PLAYER]]. forIf informationno oncriteria howis toforthcoming, improve thisthe section is liable to deletion.
{{#if:{{{date|}}}|''({{{date}}})''}}</small><br/><small>Please '''do not remove''' this message until the section contains only verifiable material</small> }}<includeonly>{{{category|{{#if:{{{date|}}}|[[Category:Unverifiable lists of sporting persons from {{{date}}}]]|[[Category:Unverifiable lists of sporting persons|{{PAGENAME}}]]}}}}}[[Category:Unverifiable lists of sporting persons|{{PAGENAME}}]]
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