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| text = This is a list of '''famous or notable sports persons with no clear [[WP:V|inclusion]] or [[WP:V|exclusion criteria]]'''. Please help to improve Wikipedia by ensuring that there is [[WP:consensus|consensus]] on the inclusion criteria on the talk page. Please '''do not remove''' this message until the section contains only verifiable material. {{#if:{{{date|}}}|<small>''({{{date}}})''</small>}}
}}<includeonly>{{{category|{{#if:{{{date|}}}|[[Category:Unverifiable lists of sporting persons from {{{date}}}]]|[[Category: Unverifiable lists of sporting persons|{{PAGENAME}}]]}}}}}[[Category: Unverifiable lists of sporting persons|{{PAGENAME}}]]</includeonly><!--{{Famous players}} end--><noinclude>
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