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<!--{{POV-title}} begin-->{{ambox
| type = content
| image = [[Image:Emblem-Ambox scales.svg|40px]]
| text = '''The [[Wikipedia:Neutral point of view|neutrality]] of this article's ''title'' and/or ''subject matter'' is [[Wikipedia:NPOV dispute|disputed]].''' <br><small> This is a dispute over the neutrality of viewpoints implied by the title, or the subject matter within its scope, rather than the actual facts stated. Please see the relevant discussion on the [[:{{NAMESPACE}} talk:{{PAGENAME}}|talk page]].{{#if:{{{date|}}}|''({{{date}}})''}}</small>
}}<includeonly>[[Category:NPOV disputes {{#if:{{{date|}}}|from {{{date}}}}}]]</includeonly><!--{{POV-title}} end--><noinclude>
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