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{{Infobox Russian federal subject
|EnglishName = (FS's name in English
|RussianName = (FS's name in Russian)
|LocalName1 = (Name in another official language)
|LocalName2 = (ditto)
|LocalName3 = (ditto)
|LocalName4 = (ditto)
|LocalLangName1 = (Name of the language in which LocalName1 is given)
|LocalLangName2 = (ditto LocalName2)
|LocalLangName3 = (ditto LocalName3)
|LocalLangName4 = (ditto LocalName4)
|LocatorMap = (Name of the locator map image)
|LocatorMapLegend = (Legend for the locator map)
|CoatOfArms = (Name of the coat-of-arms image)
|CoatOfArmsLink = (Link to the article about the coat-of-arms)
|Flag = (Name of the flag image)
|FlagLink = (Link to the article about the flag)
|AnthemLink = (Link to the article about the FS's anthem)
|AdmCtrOrCapital = ("Capital" for republics; "Administrative center" for other types of FS)
|AdmCtrName = (Name of the FS's administrative center/capital)
|FoundationDate = (Date on which the district was established)
|PoliticalStatus = (Type of FS; see note 1 below)
|PoliticalStatusLink = (Link to the article about this type of FS (e.g. [[Republic of Russia]])
|FederalDistrict = (Federal district to which the FS belongs)
|EconomicRegion = (Economic region to which the FS belongs)
|CodeNumber = (FS's code number (usually the same as the car license plates number))
|Area = (FS's area in square kilometers; no need to specify km². See also note 2 below.)
|AreaRank = (FS's area rank within the Russian Federation; see note 2 below.)
|Population = (FS's population as of the 2002 Census)
|PopulationRank = (FS's population rank within the Russian Federation)
|UrbanPopulation = (Percentage of the FS's population which is urban))
|RuralPopulation = (Percentage of the FS's population which is rural))
|LangLangs = (Either "s" or omit this parameter; see note 3 below.)
|LangList = (Link(s) to the FS's official language(s); see note 4 below.)
|GovAsOf = (Date as of which the information in the infobox's Government section is current.)
|HeadTitle = (Title of the FS's head (president, governor, etc.))
|HeadName = (Link to the FS's head)
|PrimeTitle = (Title of the FS's position equivalent to prime minister)
|PrimeName = (Link to the FS's prime minister (or equivalent position))
|Legislature = (Link to the FS's legislative body)
|ConstitutionType = (Name of the type of the FS's basic law (constitution, charter, etc.))
|ConstitutionName = (Link to the FS's basic law, e.g. [[Constitution of Adygea]])
|Website = (Official website of the FS)
<sup>1</sup> "republic", "krai", "oblast", "autonomous okrug", "autonomous oblast", or "federal city".<br/>
<sup>2</sup> Do not use commas or spaces to separate thousands, or calculations by the template won't work.<br/>
<sup>3</sup> Use "s" if the FS adopted official language(s) other than Russian, otherwise do not use this parameter.<br/>
<sup>4</sup> If more than one, use comma separation between wikilinks.
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==Usage example==
[[nn:Mal:Infoboks russisk føderasjonssubjekt]]
See [[Adygea]].
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