"टेम्पलेट:Copied multi/Copied" की अवतरण में अंतर

match the semantics of {{copied}}, too
(darn, that if statement within fullurl doesn't work - do it outside with more duplication, as {{copied}} does)
(match the semantics of {{copied}}, too)
{{#if: {{{afd|}}} | Merged [{{fullurl:{{{from}}}|redirect=no}} {{{from}}}] | Copied [[{{{from}}}]] }} ({{#if: {{{from_oldid|}}} |[{{fullurl:{{{from}}}|oldid={{{from_oldid}}}}} oldid], |}}[{{fullurl:{{{from}}}|action=history}} history]) → [[{{{to}}}]] ([{{{diff | {{#if:{{{to_diffto_oldid|}}} | {{fullurl:{{{to}}}|diff={{{to_diff}}}&oldid={{{to_oldid}}} | {{fullurl:{{{to}}}|oldid={{{to_diff}}}}} }} }}} diff]) {{#if: {{{date|}}} | on {{{date|}}} }} {{#if: {{{afd|}}} | after being [[Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/{{{afd|}}}|nominated for deletion]]. }}<includeonly>[[Category:Wikipedia pages using copied template]] {{#if: {{{from_oldid|}}} || [[Category:Wikipedia pages using copied template without oldid]]}}</includeonly><noinclude>