"ओडिशा" की अवतरण में अंतर

- नामौजूद फाइल कड़ी
छो (हॉट-कैट द्वारा श्रेणी:ओडिशा जोड़लीं)
(- नामौजूद फाइल कड़ी)
{{Infobox state
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|official_name =Odisha ओडिशा
|native_name ={{lang|or|ଓଡ଼ିଶା}}
|native_name_lang =or
|type =[[States and territories of India|State of India]]
|image_skyline =
|image_caption =Clockwise from top left: [[Jagannath Temple, Puri|Jagannath Temple]], [[Konark Sun Temple]], [[Kalijai|Kalijai Temple]], [[Rajarani Temple]], [[Muktesvara deula|Muktesvara Deula]]
|image_seal=Seal of Orissa.gif =
|image_map =India Orissa locator map.svg
|map_alt =
|map_caption =Location of Odisha in [[India]]
|image_map1 =Orissa State map.svg
|map_caption1 =Map of Odisha
|latd =20.15
|longd =85.50
|coor_pinpoint =Bhubaneswar
|coordinates_type =region:IN-OR_type:adm1st
|coordinates_display =inline,title

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