"होली" की अवतरण में अंतर

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| type = hindu
| nickname = <!-- Festival of Colours! -->
| observedby = हिंदू,<ref name="OED-Holi"/> आ कुछ जैन लोग,<ref name=wiley42>{{cite book|author=Kristi L. Wiley|title=The A to Z of Jainism|url= https://books.google.com/books?id=cIhCCwAAQBAJ&pg=PA42|year=2009|publisher=Scarecrow|isbn=978-0-8108-6337-8|page=42}}</ref> नेवार इलाका के बौद्ध<ref name=bal269/> आ अन्य गैर-हिंदू लोग भी।<ref name=wpnonhindus>{{cite news |last=Lyford |first=Chris |url=https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/hindu-spring-festivals-increase-in-popularity-and-welcome-non-hindus/2013/04/05/d4828e00-9bf4-11e2-9a79-eb5280c81c63_story.html |title=Hindu spring festivals increase in popularity and welcome non-Hindus |work=[[दि वाशिंगटन पोस्ट]] |location=न्यू यॉर्क सिटी |date=2013-04-05 |accessdate=2016-02-23 फरवरी 2016 |quote=Despite what some call the reinvention of Holi, the simple fact that the festival has transcended cultures and brings people together is enough of a reason to embrace the change, others say. In fact, it seems to be in line with many of the teachings behind Holi festivals. }}</ref>
| longtype = धार्मिक, सांस्कृतिक, बसंत के तिहवार
| date = [[हिंदू कैलेंडर]] के हिसाब से{{refn|group=noteनोट|name=holicalendars}}
| date2017 = सोमार, 13 मार्च<ref>{{cite web | url=https://india.gov.in/calendar/2017-03 | title=Holidays in India, Month of March 2017 | publisher=Governmentभारत of Indiaसरकार | accessdate=18 Marchमार्च 2016}}</ref>
| date2018 = शुक, 2 मार्च
| date2019 = बियफे, 21 मार्च

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