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छो (SM7 पन्ना टेम्पलेट:हटा-ल३ के टेम्पलेट:Db-a3 पर स्थानांतरण कइलें: तत्काल में अंगरेजी नाँव पर)
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|पैमाना संख्या=ल३
|पैमाना=नक़ल लेख
|विवरण=अइसन लेख जेवन कौनों पुरान लेख क नक़ल होखे या ओही बिसय पर पहिले से लेख मौजूद होखे। अइसन पन्ना तब्बे मेटावल जाला जब ओके सही पता पर भेजल (अनुप्रेषण) संभव न होखे।
|1=&#32;as an article that contains no content whatsoever, or consists only of external links, categories, a "see also" section, a rephrasing of the title, attempts to correspond with the person or group named by its title, a question that should have been asked at the [[Wikipedia:Help desk|help]] or [[Wikipedia:Reference desk|reference]] desks, chat-like comments, template tags, and/or images
|2=[[Wikipedia:Disambiguation pages|Disambiguation pages]] and [[Wikipedia:Redirect|redirects]] are not eligible for this criterion. A very short article may still be a valid [[Wikipedia:Stub|stub]] if there is sufficient context to identify the subject
|विकल्प नाम=मूल लेख
|summary=Article has no meaningful, substantive content
|विकल्प नामस्थान=लेख
|notes={{#ifexpr:({{#time:U}}-{{#time:U|{{{cts|1-1-1970}}}}}) <= 900|'''Warning''': This page was created less than 15 minutes ago. Consensus is that articles should not be tagged under [[WP:CSD#A3|CSD:A3]] immediately after creation as they may be works in progress. 10 minutes is suggested as a bare minimum.}}
}}<includeonly>[[श्रेणी:तुरंत हटावे लायक पन्ना]]</includeonly><noinclude>{{हटा-प्रलेख|ल३|हटा-ल४|हटा-नकल|हटाईं-नकल}}
}}<includeonly>{{cat handler
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| all = [[Category:Candidates for speedy deletion]][[Category:Candidates for speedy deletion as empty articles]]
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