ग्वाटेमाला: रिवीजन सभ के बीचा में अंतर

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{{Infobox country
| conventional_long_name = Republic of Guatemala
| common_name = Guatemalaगुआटेमाला
| native_name = {{unbulleted list|item_style=font-size:88%;
|{{native name|es|República de Guatemala}}}}
| image_flag = Flag of Guatemala.svg
| image_coat = Coat of arms of Guatemala.svg
| national_motto = {{unbulleted list
|"Libre Crezca Fecundo"{{sfn|Banco de Guatemala|1996|p=}}
|"El País de la Eterna Primavera" {{Citation needed|reason=This is not an government or official motto. It is a colloquial and popular phrase. The citation previously given is from a book by a civilian author, not the Guatemalan Government.|date=September 2016}}
|{{small|"The Land of the Eternal Spring"}}{{lower|0.2em|{{sfn|Aguirre|1949|p=254}}}}
| national_anthem = <br />''[[Himno Nacional de Guatemala]]''<br />({{Lang-en|"National Anthem of Guatemala"}})<br /><center>[[File:National Anthem of Guatemala by US Navy Band.ogg]]</center>
| other_symbol = ''[[La Granadera]]''<br />({{Lang-en|"The Song of the Grenadier"}})<br />{{center|[[File:La Granadera.ogg]]}}
| other_symbol_type = March:

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