ई टेम्पलेट हमेंशा श्रेणी नाँवस्थान वाला पन्ना पर इस्तिमाल होखी।

For the Wikipedia policy on redirecting categories, see WP:CATRED.

Instructions संपादन करीं

Example: To redirect from Category:Authors to Category:Writers, simply add the following to Category:Authors:

{{Category redirect|Writers}} or
{{Category redirect|Category:Writers}} with optional namespace prefix

This template adds category pages to Category:Wikipedia soft redirected categories.

Exceptions संपादन करीं

इहो देखल जाय संपादन करीं

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TemplateData for श्रेणीअनुप्रेषित

Marks category as a soft-redirect

Template parameters[Edit template data]

This template prefers block formatting of parameters.

Destination Category1

Category that this category should redirect to

Page namerequired

no description


निर्देश संपादन करीं

To redirect from en:Category:Authors to en:Category:Writers, simply add the following to en:Category:Authors:

{{category redirect|Writers}}

Please do not use subst: on the template.