Notice This template should not be used in citation templates such as Citation Style 1 and Citation Style 2, because it includes markup that will pollute the COinS metadata they produce; see COinS in Wikipedia.


This template generates an abbreviation for circa ("c."). It acts like {{circa}}, except that by default the abbreviation is not marked with <abbr> or with a wikilink. The idea is that the first use of "c." in an article should employ {{circa}}, and that later uses should employ {{c.}}. This should only be done where the sortability (see below) of the dates is desired, e.g. in a table. Otherwise, uses of "c." after the first should simply be "c." in plain text. Note also that using the sortable tables feature is used at the cost of causing problems for visually-impaired readers.


[[Dionysius Exiguus]] was born {{Circa|470}}, lived in Rome from {{c.|500}}, and died {{c.|544}}.

Dionysius Exiguus was born ल॰ 470, lived in Rome from ल॰ 500, and died ल॰ 544.

John Doe ({{c.|1000|1050}})

→ John Doe (ल॰ 1000 – c. 1050)

इहो देखल जायसंपादन