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Usage संपादन करीं

{{Disputed inline|Talk page section|date=मई 2024}}

To identify the exact statement being disputed, use the |text= parameter (it does not display anything, and is only visible in the wikicode):

{{Disputed inline|text=disputed content|Talk page section|date=मई 2024}}

To link to a centralized discussion on some other page, use the |talk= parameter to give the location:

{{Disputed inline|talk=Talk:Topic#Talk page section|date=मई 2024}}

The parameter |for= can be used to give a short reason that displays in the tag (do not use this for editorializing or any other editor may refactor such a comment out); the comment added here will be preceded by "for:" and the entire comment put in a round-bracketed parenthetical:

{{Disputed inline|Talk page section|for=conflict with sources cited above|date=मई 2024}}

As with most templates, the parameter |reason= can be used to give a somewhat more extended rationale that is only visible in the wikicode:

{{Disputed inline|Talk page section|date=मई 2024|reason=This comes from a self-published source and conflicts with the reliable sources already cited.}}

{{Disputed inline}} should not be used without also raising the issue on the talk page.

Articles with disputed statements संपादन करीं

This inline template helps highlight a disputed particular statement or alleged fact, in contrast to the {{Disputed}} and {{Disputed section}} templates which mark a whole article or section as disputed. This is particularly helpful when there are reliable sources supporting two or more different claims. {{Disputed inline}} should not be used without also raising the issue on the talk page. When used on an article page, the word "disputed" links to Wikipedia:Disputed statement, and the article is placed in Category:Accuracy disputes or one of its dated sub-categories. This template is a more strongly worded version of {{Dubious}}, which indicates a potential dispute, most often a question about reliable sourcing for the statement/fact at issue; {{Disputed inline}} indicates that at least one editor believes there is no question that the statement has a verifiability problem.

Other pages संपादन करीं

If this tag is used outside the article namespace, it will not be categorized in an article cleanup category, and the word "disputed" links to Wikipedia:Consensus. It can be used to indicate an unresolved dispute and a talk page topic about the dispute, e.g. an issue at a guideline or WikiProject page.

For pages other than articles, {{Under discussion-inline}} may be more appropriate.

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Template Data संपादन करीं

This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools.

TemplateData for Disputed inline

Identifies the exact statement being disputed.

Template parameters[Edit template data]

Talk page section1

Talk page section where the issue is discussed.


no description

talkpagetalkpage talk

The page where the dispute is discussed.

Page nameoptional

Date issue was raised.

May 2016