Usage संपादन करीं

Returns the first word of the first parameter. By default, words are delimited by spaces, but optional parameter sep=/ can set the word separator to slash (or any other character). The parameter should not have leading spaces, unless the word separator, sep, is set to another character.

Examples संपादन करीं

  • {{first word|Foo bar baz}} → Foo
  • {{first word|Foo}} → Foo
  • {{first word|Foo-bar-baz}} → Foo-bar-baz
  • {{first word|Foo-bar-baz|sep=- }} → Foo
  • {{first word|34,000,500|sep=, }} → 34
  • {{first word|1=len = a+b |sep== }} → len
  • {{first word|Hear ye, users |sep=, }} → Hear ye

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