• {{Obituary|{{subst:DATE}}}} – basic usage at top of article
  • {{Obituary|section|{{subst:DATE}}}} – to replace "article or section" with "section" (or something else specific, e.g. "article", "subsection", etc.)
  • {{Obituary|tone=eulogy|{{subst:DATE}}}} - change "obituary" to "eulogy"; this is not free-form text, but an actual Wikipedia article title, replacing the link to obituary.
  • {{Obituary|reason=A note about what the issue is.|{{subst:DATE}}}} – basic usage at top of article – include a note (only visible in the source at present) if the reason for using this tag isn't immediately apparent and/or isn't already under discussion on the talk page.
  • {{Obituary|paragraph|tone=panegyric|reason=The facts presented and sources cited are all in favor of the subject, and critical material has been ignored|{{subst:DATE}}}} – All these features can be combined.


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