The populations of all districts of Turkey, from the Turkish Wikipedia. The original source of the data is Turkstat's Address Based Population Registration System. Figures refer to the year 2012.

{{Turkey district populations|ProvinceName|DistrictName|toplam}} gives the total population, replace 'toplam' with 'şehir' or 'kır' to get the population of the district centre or the surrounding villages, respectively.

To get the source in a ref format, use {{Turkey district populations|SOURCE|ProvinceName}} - e.g. {{Turkey district populations|SOURCE|Adana}} will display the appropriate reference as shown below:[1]

{{Turkey district populations|YEAR}} will show the year of the population figure, in this case 2012.

Errors are logged in Category:Pages using Turkey district templates with unknown parameters‎.


  1. "Population of province/district centers and towns/villages by districts - 2012". Address Based Population Registration System (ABPRS) Database. Turkish Statistical Institute. पहुँचतिथी 2013-02-27.