Shows various links to counters and other user stats tools, various sections, followed by an Actions with tasks that someone (usually administrators) may take with regard to a user. Note that many of these are punitive; the |simple=y option should usually be used to suppress this section, and those relating to advanced user types like admins, bureaucrats and stewards, because they're usually not relevant.

Usage संपादन करीं

Add {{User toolbox|1=Username}} to a page to display a user's links in the toolbox. If added to a user page, it will automatically get the username. If used on a subpage, specify the username manually or use {{User toolbox|{{ROOTPAGENAME}}}}. If used outside of user space, e.g. in the "Wikipedia talk:" namespace, the username must be specified.

Typical example

{{User toolbox|1=Example}}

yields (when expanded):

Full example

{{User toolbox|1=Example|simple=n}}

yields (when expanded):

  • |1= to specify a different user name
  • |state=uncollapsed will expand the toolbox
  • |heading= to change the "User toolbox" heading
  • |simple=n shows all of the sections listed below
    • |admin=y to show the display of the Admin history section if the user is an administrator
    • |bureaucrat=y to show the display of the Bureaucrat history section if the user is a bureaucrat
    • |steward=y to show the display of the Steward history section if the user is a steward

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