त्रिपुरा भारत के 28 राज्य में से एगो राज्य ह। ई के राजधानी अगरतला में स्थित बा।

Official seal of त्रिपुरा
Location of Tripura (marked in red) in भारत
Location of Tripura (marked in red) in भारत
Map of the Tripura state showing eight districts
Map of Tripura state, showing its eight districts
Country भारत
RegionNortheast India
Established21 Jan. 1972
Most populous cityAgartala
 • Total10,491.69 किमी2 (4,050.86 बर्ग मील)
 • Rank27th (2014)
 • Total3,671,032
 • Rank22nd (2014)
 • Density350/किमी2 (910/बर्ग मील)
Time zoneUTC+05:30 (IST)
ISO 3166 codeIN-TR
HDIIncrease 0.663 (medium)
HDI rank6th (2014)
Literacy94.65 per cent.(1st){2014}.[1][2][3][4]
Official languageBengali and Kokborok[5]
It was elevated from the status of Union-Territories by the North-Eastern Areas (Reorganisation) Act 1971

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