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; index: Adds an "Index" link to the box title, to the specified subpage, which should be a subject index to all archived discussions. [[User:HBC Archive Indexerbot|HBC Archive Indexerbot]] can automatically generate such indexes.
; auto=<short|long|no>: Specifies the format of the auto-generated archive list. See "Archive list" below. If unspecified, the default is "long"; any other word (except "no") will result in "short". "no" disabled auto-detection.
; search: If specified, the <ttcode>search</ttcode> parameter adds a search box to the template.
This template is based on the ''archive box'' template and the style modifications listed there should work. The target is limited to the archives of the talk page on which it is placed, which should be of the form "Archive 1", "Archive 2" and so on.
; list: Inline list of archives. This is unneeded if the pages are named "Archive 1", "Archive 2" and so on, in which case automatic archiving works, but can be used in addition to automatic archiving if additional pages with other names are available.
; collapsible : Makes the list [[Help:Collapsing|collapsible]].
; collapsed : Makes the list collapsed.
; style : Arbitrary string of CSS to be applied to the box; use with care.
=== Archive list ===
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