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| text = '''The [[Wikipedia:Neutral point of view|neutrality]] of this article's ''title'', ''subject matter'', and/or the title's ''implications'', is [[Wikipedia:NPOV dispute|disputed]].''' <br><small> This is a dispute over the neutrality of viewpoints or other implications of the title, or the subject matter within its scope, rather than the actual facts stated. Please see the relevant discussion on the [[:{{NAMESPACE}} talk:{{PAGENAME}}#{{{1|}}}|talk page]]. {{#if:{{{date|}}}|''({{{date}}})''}}</small>}}{{DMCA|NPOV disputes|from|{{{date|}}}}}<!--{{POV-title}} end--><noinclude>
== Usage ==
This template will categorise articles into [[:Category:NPOV disputes]] or [[:Category:NPOV disputes from {{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{CURRENTYEAR}}]].
== Redirects ==
<!--regex POV-titleTitleDisputed|TitleNPOV|NPOV-title|Npov-title|Pov-title|POV(?: |_)?title -->
#{{Tl|POV title}}
== See also ==
* {{tl|POV}}
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