The {{clarify span}} template may be used when there is text that needs further explanation or clarification. Unlike the template {{clarify}}, this template attaches explicitly to a portion of text, for example one or more specific sentences, by surrounding the text with the template. This is especially useful for flagging multiple facts or multiple sentences as needing clarification, and for singling out a specific unclear fact among many.

Once the passage is clarified, please remove this template from the surrounded text.

{{clarify span|text=Passage(s) needing clarification|explain=Reason for the needed clarification|date=जून 2024}}

The date and explain parameters are optional. The parameter names for |text= and |explain= can be omitted, as long as the text is in the first position, and the explanation is in the second. Therefore, the minimal syntax is:

{{clarify span|Passage(s) needing clarification}}

Example of usage:

... the treaty. {{clarify span|One of the terms|reason=which one?}} of the treaty of Versailles led to ...
... the treaty. One of the terms[clarify] of the treaty of Versailles led to ...

There are three parameters to the template:

The text needing clarification. This parameter is mandatory.
Specifics explaining the clarification that is needed. If omitted, "This passage needs to be better explained" will be used. This text is shown as a tooltip.
|date=जून 2024
Adds month & year to the category, as well as helping identify how long ago the template was added. If omitted, a bot will eventually add it for you.

Categorization of articles

संपादन करीं

Adding this template to an article places the article into the hidden categories Category:All Wikipedia articles needing clarification and Category:Wikipedia articles needing clarification from जून 2024.

  • {{Clarify}} — detailed information on the usage of this and similar templates